Category: Mastering


Broadstrokes is part of Giles Peterson’s ‘Brownswood Future Bubblers’. This track was brought to us as stems and is a great example of our post production and stem mastering service – the end result was met with critical acclaim and a good deal of Radio Play on Radio 6.

Ryan Farmer

Ryan’s album ‘Just Another Night’ is a wonderful collection of Songs recorded predominantly live- the challenge was to enhance the richness of the sound and the recording’s space whilst reducing the spill and phase issues.

Pete Beardsworth

We had the pleasure of mastering this incredible Debut EP from Jazz Pioneer Pete Beardsworth. Much of the volume on this EP was achieved from saturation from our Thermionic Phoenix Compressor and Gyraf G14 Eq.


This EP Project was built from the ground up for maximum pop volume. The challenge was to push the mix as hard as it will go before any unwanted break up or artifacts occur.