Music composition has been at the heart of what we do from day one. Writing music informs the way we approach sound in every way – as musicians, recording engineers, music producers, gear lovers and audiophiles.

Over the years we’ve put out somewhere in the region of 500 published pieces of music, which have been used on TV programs, films, adverts, video games and radio. Those tracks have been published by, amongst others EMI Music, Universal Music, BMG, DeWolfe, Deep East Music, Zest Music and KPM.

At the core of the writing partnership of Sam Brown and Huw Jones is a constantly evolving creativity that is kept fresh by working with an array of other talented composers and session musicians.

Composition Syncs

BBC Extinction trailer

Reserved ad

ITV Innocent trailer



Money Heist

BBC Weather watchers


Lee Jeans


Film 4 trailer


7 Up

Spanish christmas lottery

Heineken Ad

What they say

Sam and Huw are two of our most innovative composers who have honed their craft over the years working in various styles and genres. They create fresh, unique music that is super syncable and always on brief.

Ciaran McNeany

Director of Global Production at BMG