Kinemas creative space is set in the old cinema auditorium, and is the perfect environment to work alongside bands and artists to help them realise their sound.

Bands love Studio 1 for its expansive feel, which also means it’s large enough to record ensembles and choirs. Featuring drum kits, a grand piano and stringed instruments of all kinds, there are plenty things to hit, strum, bow and inspire.

Our combination of expertise, a carefully curated collection of analogue and digital gear and a spacious, and highly adaptable live room enables us to bring the most out of your music.

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What they say

Outside of London, it’s rare that you find a room as musical as Studio 2 to record in. Having the space to let your music breathe can do wonders for the sound, and given the excellent choice of mics and preamps there are always a number of different ways you can approach a recording. All the best studios have great recording rooms, and Studio 2 is no exception!

Mark Cousins

Music Tech Magazine