Sonic exploration is what we do all day every day at Kinema Audio, and after 17 years of capturing and producing sound of every kind we have honed our areas of expertise to 4 main services.


Kinemas creative space is set in the old cinema auditorium, and is the perfect environment to work alongside bands and artists to help them realise their sound.

Bands love Studio 1 for its expansive feel, which also means it’s large enough to record ensembles and choirs. Featuring drum kits, a grand piano and stringed instruments of all kinds, there are plenty things to hit, strum, bow and inspire.

Our combination of expertise, a carefully curated collection of analogue and digital gear and a spacious, and highly adaptable live room enables us to bring the most out of your music.

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Outside of London, it’s rare that you find a room as musical as Studio 2 to record in. Having the space to let your music breathe can do wonders for the sound, and given the excellent choice of mics and preamps there are always a number of different ways you can approach a recording. All the best studios have great recording rooms, and Studio 2 is no exception!

Mark Cousins

Music Tech Magazine


Music composition has been at the heart of what we do from day one. Writing music informs the way we approach sound in every way – as musicians, recording engineers, music producers, gear lovers and audiophiles.

Over the years we’ve put out somewhere in the region of 500 published pieces of music, which have been used on TV programs, films, adverts, video games and radio. Those tracks have been published by, amongst others EMI Music, Universal Music, BMG, DeWolfe, Deep East Music, Zest Music and KPM.

At the core of the writing partnership of Sam Brown and Huw Jones is a constantly evolving creativity that is kept fresh by working with an array of other talented composers and session musicians.

Composition Syncs

BBC Extinction trailer

Reserved ad

ITV Innocent trailer



Money Heist

BBC Weather watchers


Lee Jeans


Film 4 trailer


7 Up

Spanish christmas lottery

Heineken Ad

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Sam and Huw are two of our most innovative composers who have honed their craft over the years working in various styles and genres. They create fresh, unique music that is super syncable and always on brief.

Ciaran McNeany

Director of Global Production at BMG

Voice over

We’ve amassed a great deal of experience in the world of voiceover with many varied and prestigious clients. Let us guide you through the steps to get the right voiceover for your project whether its E Learning, video, technical, advertising or or any other kind of voice recording.

Our voiceover service offers:

  • Varied roster of voiceover talent
  • Professional broadcast quality audio
  • Experienced voiceover engineers
  • Purpose built voiceover booth
  • Huge savings compared to London studios
  • Immediate delivery by Secure server, Dropbox or Wetransfer.

Drop us a line to get a quote for your project, or simply to ask for advice.

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My company use Kinema Audio's services to record voiceover for high stakes, worldwide language assessments. I could not recommend them more highly, you will not only get top quality service - enthusiasm and passion comes as part of the package.

Kasia Pawlak

Pearson EDI


Mastering is the final step of audio post production where stereo balancing, EQing and audio compression are applied to a mixed track, to give the right amount of volume and shine. The process optimises playback across all hifi sytems so it is ready for professional release.

Our own quest to maximise level whilst maintaining audio fidelity has been a 20 year process of discovery and refinement. During that time we have constantly built on the knowledge and accumulated the high end mastering equipment needed to authentically deliver one of the most important audio services.

Our 3 step treatment of mixes uses a hybrid of analogue and digital equipment and typically consists of 1. Surgical EQing – 2. Addition of Analogue sweetness through our high end hardware, and finally 3. Limiting and level matching.

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Sam at Kinema's masters were HUGE yet kept punch and clarity.. he turned around the project super fast and is always a pleasure to work with.

Mark Glaister

Head of Production, Deep East Music