Category: Recording

Gallery 47

A project where the track was built from the ground up one instrument recorded at a time, including the studios grand piano. This method allows more flexibility in production and arrangement techniques, in effect the studio becomes another instrument that can be used to craft and shape sound.

Luccumu choir

Afro Cuban choir featuring 25 singers and 3 piece bata percussion group all recorded together. An example of the large live room being used to full capacity to capture the expansive sound of a multilayered group in all its glory.

Gary Reader Quintet

An experimental Jazz outfit featuring Saxophone, Drums, Double bass, Keys, and Electric Guitar. To capture the dynamic interplay between the band it was vital they could play together completely live with full visual contact while tightly controlling spill between instruments. Getting the room set up right is key, finding the right balance between vibe and… Read more »

No Cigar

Full rock production featuring punchy tight drums with just a little of the large room feel provided by studio 2 live room, and crunchy pile driving guitars that simmer and build.